Health & Safety Disclaimer

Choking & Suffocation Hazard Disclaimer. This product should only be used under close adult supervision no child should ever be left unattended with a Crinkle Cutie, as small parts may become loose & pose a choking hazard.

Disclaimer: Large minky knots are NOT toys, they are intended for Chair cushions, décor, and accent pillows. Do not allow young children to put our knots on their heads. As this can pose a choking Hazard and result in death.  Young children should never be left alone with one of our knots. Please do not place a knot neither small nor large in a crib with a baby, as this can also pose a choking and suffocation hazard.  Small tight knots are intended for décor and child play while awake and in and open area not for in a crib with a baby.

Health Disclaimer: Countryside Minky llc products are made from minky fabric which is 100% polyester. If you, someone in your household or someone you are purchasing  for as a gift is allergic to polyester please know that you are purchasing AT YOUR OWN RISK and Countryside Minky’s will not be liable for any heathy issues that arise due to our product.

WONDER NAPPER WARNING- The Wonder Napper features sets of straps for securing and carrying the Napper. Because of the unique design of the Wonder Napper please be advised that these straps are attached and not removable. Because of this feature the straps can pose a strangle or choking hazard. It is advised that while using the Wonder napper you leave the straps open and unattached to prevent getting tangled in the straps while using the napper.

WONDER NAPPER DISCLAIMER - The consumer acknowledges there are risks to using the wonder napper and the consumer assumes all responsibilities for his or her use of the product.